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What is Debt Settlement?

Debt Settlement is a positive debt reduction alternative providing debt help and a debt relief/ debt reduction plan compared with credit counseling or bankruptcy programs. Debt Settlement does not report to any credit reporting agency.  In fact, it may even help restore your credit as part of the settlement negotiation process.

A debt settlement company will negotiate Debt Settlement agreements between you and your creditors or their agents such as collection agencies, to settle your debt with a one-time payment or lump sum payment for less than what you actually owe! The consumer typically saves more money than consumer credit counselling while at the same time protecting themselves and their assets from the many harsh impacts of bankruptcy.

A debt settlement company will only work for their clients, NOT for the creditors. Our parent company Canada Debt Settlements Inc. strongly believes they are the best debt solution company for Canadians with serious debt issues. If you have debt / debts in collections and can come up with a lump sum you should definately research Debt Settlement as your first choice of debt reduction solutions. Of course, this is not always an option for an individual who already has a substantial amount of unsecured debt. We at National Debt Consultants may be the next best alternative to debt settlement.

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